Saturday 24 July 2010

Do you Kijiji?

Hmmmm.... I think I just turned a noun into a verb! I've been busy stamping but nothing that I can share right now! My best friend has gone home and my Mom is here visiting. What a lucky girl I am! I should have something stampy to show you in the next couple days, but today I thought I'd show you my kijiji score.

Kijiji is similar to Craigslist up here in Canada. I frequent both, but Kijiji is much more active in our area and has many more listings. I'd been looking for a sideboard for our dining room for a while now and came across this.

I adore it! But now it's making me want to paint my dining room table and chairs.

Since we're on the subject of homes, want to see the changes in the exterior of our house? You do? Oh good!

Here's the before:
And here's the after:

We replaced our windows and doors, painted the exterior and added shutters. Oh and we took a couple trees down. The landscaping will have to wait until next year, but I'm so happy with the results!

Well if you've made it this far, thanks for reading! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

I have sold on Kijiji but not bought but I might have to look into that!!! LOVE the look of the house! I would totaly love to do that and maybe next year. We finished our deck this year and it was a big project! Our trim is blue (blah) and I would love to go darker like you!

Kelli Hull said...


Great find too... I LOVE Craigslist 'cept for the freaks that frequent it! LOL

NEVER GO ALONE!!!! and meet somewhere like SBux or sumptin

Chris said...

the shutters are a great addition.
Thanks for the update on Megan, I appreciate it, and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


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