Monday, 3 November 2008


I apologize for the uninspiring title of this post - but it's how I feel. I've been battling this stomach thing that's been going around, and for the past two days it's been kicking my butt! I did manage to quickly stamp a couple of cards. These are going in the mail today to Laurie Schmidlin and her daughter Ali. I love Laurie's blog and have been following it for a long while now. Her daughter is very ill and my heart breaks for them. Would you keep Laurie, Ali, and her family in your prayers?


Lauren said...

These are so creative. Th pretty flowers are so cute!

Michelle said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you're better soon!

I KNOW Laurie and Ali will appreciate your cards and your sweet thoughts. Thanks, my friend! :-)


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