Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Oh sure - he looks cute!!!

But boy does he stink!!!! Apparently we have a skunk who has taken up residence under our concrete stairs by the front door. My house reeks!! I have candles going, vinegar and coffee grounds out in bowls, and my front door is wide open - I'm sure the neighbors must think I've lost it!!
That coupled with an infection have prevented me from stamping. I hope to get some done soon though!
Anyone have room for a family of four who needs to escape the skunk smell?? Funny story though - we woke up this morning and smelled burnt rubber. It was really bad down in the basement. In fact, it was the worst near the furnace, so I shut the furnace off and called a repairman (who luckily happens to be a friend). I thought maybe we needed a new fan belt. After checking over our entire furnace, he assured us it was a skunk. I had no idea that skunks could smell like burnt rubber - but after some quick internet searches - apparently they do! Who da thunk??!!
Anyway, hope you have a skunk free day!


Lauren said...

Good luck and I hope you feel better!

Stephanie aka Nerdette said...

Well that just stinks! Sorry for the pun. Hope your visitor leaves soon. Maybe you need to do Google search to see how to get him to move out?


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