Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Stamping Room Revamp!

Last January, I revamped my stamp room and turned my desk to face out to our playroom. I also added a table and re-arranged my storage. Well, a couple of weeks ago I again got the itch to redo my stamp room. I stamp in our unfinished basement. The walls are stucco'd cement and the carpet is our old family room carpet that we kept and just placed on the floor (i.e. it's not actually tacked down and there's seams everywhere). But it's all I have and I'm lucky to have my own space. I got tired of looking at the grungy stucco walls that were full of cobwebs and decided to paint. I confess - I only painted my little corner - it would be way too much work to paint the entire basement!! I actually picked a colour that is a really close match to cool caribbean but had them decrease the saturation by 25%. I needed a light colour as I don't get a lot of natural light down there.
This is a picture of my new workspace. I turned the desk back into the wall so that I could put some storage on the wall. My workspace is now U-shaped with my desk being at the base of the U.
I got these nifty Bygel rails from Ikea. They were dirt cheap at $3.99 each. The buckets were $0.99 each and the hanging basket was around $3.99 as well. My desk has never been this clear and I'm really liking it!
I actually stole this wood unit from another area of our basement. It was just holding stuff that needed to be purged anyway and I decided that it would be a great addition. I especially like that it's tall - so it's perfect for my paper cutter, cuttlebug, and embossing station. Right now it holds all my stamps both wood mounted and acrylic and unmounted. It also holds patterned paper, envelopes and alterables. Eventually I would like to make curtains for the window and matching panels for this storage unit just to add a little more colour.
This is the bulk of my patterned paper. Current stuff that I'm loving and using is in the tiered stand - divided by manufacturer. Other paper is in the 12x12 Cropper Hopper vertical storage in my wood storage unit. My 6x6 and 8x8 pads are stored in a pile next to the vertical paper holders. I'd like to get a basket to better contain them.
This is how I store my 8.5"x11" cardstock. It is filed alphabetically by colour. This works for me as I am good at remembering names. It is mainly Stampin' Up but I also have some Prism and Papertrey in there as well. I actually need to start a second file box as this one is getting pretty full. It's handy to have it so close to my chair as I can just reach down for what I need. The folder standing up next to the file box is my SU scrap file. I file anything smaller than 1/4 sheet into my scrap folder and use it for matting images or punching shapes/sentiments.
Well that's it. It's not much - but it's mine. And at least it's a little prettier now. And since I already owned the storage unit, my revamp only cost me about $35 - the cost of the Ikea stuff and paint! Not bad!! Thanks for bearing with me. I'll be back tomorrow with a card - I promise!


Brenda said...

Great job! It looks really efficient and organized. I can not wait to see what cards you make next. I love your layouts and colors. You’re the best.

Cindy Haffner said...

Your room looks great, so nice to be organized, when I do that i can never find anything. TFS.

Stephanie aka Nerdette said...

It looks so organized Kerry. Great job. Love how you hung the punches.

Lauren said...

Looks like it will flow better for you now! Great job!

Unknown said...

Oh....I have to disagree with you when you say it's not much! It's YOURS! And I think you've done a fabulous job of organizing and making it your special place! Kudos to you, my friend!

Silke Ledlow said...

This looks great - Kerry!!! I miss having a basement :(....!!!

It definitley looks organized...
you should see my disaster area - LOL!!!


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