Friday 29 February 2008

Absolutely Mortified!!!

I was going through the big stack of mail that was waiting for me upon my return home - and I made a shocking discovery. Way back in Sept. I did a giveaway on my blog for some prismas. I sent them out (albeit late) and never thought of it again. Until today....5 months later. I received an envelope from the U.S. postmaster with the remnants of one of the packages of Prismacolor pencils that I had sent out.

This envelope still had most of the address on it, so I know who it belongs to, and I have emailed that individual. But it makes me wonder if any others ended up this way as well. If you won a set of pencils from me and either never received them, or received them damaged, could you PLEASE email me at I would like to send you something out to make up for not getting your pencils. Please don't be shy - I am mortified and would like the chance to follow through.

1 comment:

Stampin' Meg said...

Doesn't that just burn you up- THe USPS is so cavilier about wrecking your stuff-I don't know any other company that takes your money and has such a knack for thrashing your packages!


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