Saturday 30 June 2007

Serious yum factor!

I made these Blueberry Oatmeal Squares last night. They were on the cover of the latest Canadian Living Magazine and they looked so yummy. I'd been looking for something to bake to send over to our neighbours - Edgar and Joa are so nice! They are doing some renovations and had a dumpster in their driveway for a week or so, and when they were done, they graciously told us to dump whatever we wanted in it. Boy did we take advantage of their offer! They saved us a ton of time, not to mention money and we are so grateful. So most of this pan are going to them, along with one of the totes I made for the bbq that never happened. We're so blessed to have such great neighbours!

Thursday 28 June 2007

No stamping Mojo..

There has been so much going on this week that I haven't had the time nor energy to stamp. I sat down tonight to stamp and produced this, but I'm not really happy with it. Hopefully I can break out of my funk before we leave for the West and leave you with some nice eye candy.

Sunday 24 June 2007

She wore an.....

Itsy bitsy, teeny, weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Or is it eency, weency, teeny, weeny? I'm getting my oldies mixed up with the itsy bitsy spider....but I digress. This is a new stamp from Sunshine Designs. It also has a bbq, flip flop, and surf board on it but I haven't had a chance to play with those yet. I've been all by myself this weekend with the kids and I am exhausted. I do think this card is really cute though. I went over the yellow polka dots with my glitter pen and added some paper glaze randomly on the background to look like water spots. The verse across the bottom reads "itsy bitsy teeny weeny" over and over again. Thanks for looking!

Saturday 23 June 2007


O.k. I almost didn't post this card because I just didn't feel it was blogworthy, but then I decided that it was o.k. for people to see that my cards aren't always what I think they should be. So you might have to put up with some stinkers in the mix. This is the card that I made for the birthday party Riley went to yesterday. I like the way it started out (with the torn layers), but realized I didn't know what to do with the top half of the card. I drew in some poor excuses for birds and decided it was good enough because what 6 year old boy reads the card anyway? I'm hoping to stamp tonight - I have some new rubber to play with including a bbq stamp!

Thursday 21 June 2007

Sympathy Card

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. My inlaws were supposed to come to visit tomorrow but ended up showing up Tuesday as my mother-in-law's sister passed away overnight on Monday. They flew out to Edmonton last night and my husband has flown out tonight for the funeral on Saturday. So we've cancelled our barbecue and my favours will find other homes.

Today I needed to make a sympathy card for my former day home provider (took care of my first son when I went back to work). Her mother passed away suddenly and she is just devastated. This card is not really my style, but is very much her style and her colours. I hope it brings a little comfort to Doreen. I CASE'd the card from Jen70 on SCS - the original is here.

Tomorrow I need to stamp a card for a birthday party Riley is going to in the evening - I've depleted my stash of boy cards and need to build them back up again. Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the creative juices flowing!

Monday 18 June 2007

Group Card for Riley's Teacher

Sorry I didn't post over the weekend. I have been trying to finish the favours for our barbecue this coming Saturday and so haven't stamped anything new. Today I was under the gun to create a card for Riley's teacher - Miss Williams. A whole bunch of parents (well 11 anyways) chipped in together to buy her a spa gift certificate as an end of year gift and I volunteered to take care of the card. I am feeling a little exposed/wary as I hope that they feel it measures up to a store bought card. I cased this card by cathymac from SCS and I think it turned out pretty cute (but is nothing compared to the original!). I made it a 6x6 gate fold card so that all 11 students have room to write their names (hopefully). The orange circle on the outside reads "School's Out" and the verse inside says "Thanks and Best Fishes!"

Oh and I used my cuttlebug folders for the embossing of the swirls and the dots. But I don't have the actual cuttlebug machine - I got a fantastic tip off of SCS that you can use the embossing folders by spritzing both sides of the paper with water, and then using a rolling pin to apply pressure (in lieu of the actual machine). Genius!! I know eventually I want the machine, but for now I can spend that $60 on lots of stuff! The embossing folders are only about $6 each if you use a Michael's coupon.

Friday 15 June 2007

Our Bunny and Party Favours

So next weekend we're having a barbecue for my inlaws who are driving up from Atlanta. It's my mother-in-law's birthday on Tuesday so we decided to invite all her family and some of her friends over to celebrate. I had so much fun making the tote bag for Riley's teacher and was inspired by some of the other tote bag projects on SCS, that I am making little party favours for our guests. In the tote, there will be two notecards (gasp, there's no stamping on them!), a matching beaded pen, and a matching nugget box (holds 4 of those Hershey nugget chocolates). This is helping to use up some of the big stack of patterned paper that I bought at Costco years ago and will be a fun little surprise for our partygoers.

O.k. bonus pics - I wanted to share pics of one of the bunnies who visits our backyard. This one hopped in after I had put Sydney to bed - good thing cause she loves the bunnies and screeches whenever she manages to see one.

Wednesday 13 June 2007

Tote-ally cute!

Isn't this the cutest little tote bag? I made it out of paper - to hold the cards I'm making for Riley's teacher's end of year gift. A whole bunch of parents from his class are chipping in for a spa gift certificate, but I wanted to make her something too!

These are the cards to go inside. I haven't decided which I like better. The only difference is the embossing on the very bottom of the white part of the card (under the ribbon and the thanks). If anyone is reading, can you leave me a comment and give me your opinion as to which you prefer (with or without embossing)? The embossing is the second one by the way.

Tuesday 12 June 2007

Crayon Resist

I've been wanting to to do the crayon resist technique again and finally got to today. I decided to do a full 8.5 x 11" sheet so I could cut it up and make multiple cards from it. First you stamp on white glossy cardstock, then you colour over some of your image in white crayon. Then you sponge your colours over top. When you're finished sponging, you rub with a kleenex and all the areas you crayoned stay the glossy white. Unfortunately, Sydney woke up in the middle so I only got 2 cards actually completed, but the rest are sitting all ready to be assembled. The colours came from today's Splitcoast colour combination challenge - cameo coral, choc. chip, and certainly celery.

Monday 11 June 2007

Hey I did it!

I created a blog banner. I know it's simple, but not so much for me. I was trying to do one with all the great digital scrapbooking stuff I have, but I couldn't figure out how to scale everything down to blog banner proportions instead of 12x12 proportions. I know you can't see the text too well - but I'll fix it another day - for now I'm off to bed!

Fairy Princess Gate Fold

I made this card for Beate's blog challenge. Her blog can be found here. Her challenge was to make a gate fold card. So...last but not least, may I introduce Tinkerbella. Isn't she sweet? This is a birthday card for Riley's friend Kyla. Riley thought it was great that it was a princess "cause Kyla really likes Princesses". I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a fairy. I'll just call her a fairy princess then. Oh and this card is sparkly! The scalloped circle is punched from sparkly cardstock (Bazzill bling) and her wings, skirt and wand are filled with glitter! Too perfect for a 5 year old girl!

Saturday 9 June 2007

You're Cool!

I thought this was an appropriate sentiment for a card with a fridge on it. Better than "Please clean me out, I smell because something is rotting inside of me". Come to think of it, I may just make that card and post it on my own refrigerator in hopes some one will do just that.

The bow is made from paper, it was a tutorial on Nichole's blog a while back. Oh and the background is stamped with the same stamp using Versamark ink. This card is actually for another splitcoast stampers challenge where you had to use a stamp you normally wouldn't to create a stamped background. I think I cheated since I used the same stamp as for my image, but I liked the graphicness of the fridges in a line.

I'm currently mass producing cards to give to Riley's teacher as part of her year end gift. I'll post them when they're done - I'm also making the cutest little tote out of paper to hold them in. Oh and I want to try to make a banner for my blog - I just need to find a tutorial. I have lots of digikits and have Photoshop so it should be fairly simple, I'd just like to have the dimensions and such.

Friday 8 June 2007

Just playing

...with some new rubber! This is one of the images on a 4 sided stamp. The other three are a fridge, toaster, and a coffee cup. Can't wait to play with them too! I used paper glaze on the handles of the cutlery to make them shiny and also used the glaze on some of the circles too!

Thursday 7 June 2007

Another new sistah!

This is curly surpriseabella! She followed me home (at least that's my excuse!). This is a birthday card for my friend PJ in Calgary whom I love dearly even though we haven't kept in touch as well as we should have.
I have one bella left to show you - I'm working on a special card for a classmate of Riley's whose birthday and party is on Canada Day! How fun is that - a birthday with built in fireworks!

My first two challenges!

So in a desire to be a better stamper, I've decided to play along with some of the challenges on the Splitcoast stampers website. Tuesdays are a colour combination challenge and Wednesdays are a sketch challenge. So I combined them, and this is the result. The colours are certainly celery, elegant eggplant and rose red. This was hard for me because I'm firmly in the camp of purple and red don't match and shouldn't ever be combined. The whole red hat society thing offends my sensibilities because it's purple and red. But anyway, here it is. This is a Congrats card for my friend Lynsey who just got a new job.

Monday 4 June 2007

A new sistah...

Meet Flowahbella...sistah to Winobella. Isn't she cute? I am loving these bellas! More Basic Grey paper and some ribbon and a prima flower. It's all good. This card is for my best friend Susan who lives in Calgary and is going through a rough time at work. She loves flowers and gardening so it suits.

Another Father's Day Card

O.k. I think this is the one I'm going to give to my dad. I like it but I can't help but think that it still needs something. Maybe I'll watercolour some ground underneath the cows so it doesn't look like they're flying. I love this Basic Grey paper but have been trying to use it for eons. It just seemed to fit with the cows and the colours.

Sunday 3 June 2007

Father's Day Card

How cute is this? The shirt is a folded piece of 4x6 paper. I stole it off of Cambria's blog (even used the same paper and colour scheme that she used). I can't decide whether to send this to my dad or to give it to Paul. I could always make another, but I'm not sure if it's really my dad's style. I have another one in mind for him anyway. I am so in love with this card!!

More Tea Bag Holders

Can you tell I have lots of friends who drink tea? Some exclusively...some who like it as a change of pace from coffee. I have my eye on a couple of tea stamps with the cutest sayings....but alas the pocketbook can't handle them right now - so they're on my ever-growing wish list!

I was just trying out these templates so I didn't put a lot of effort into the stamping. I was using old Making Memories patterned cardstock that I bought eons ago and some patterned paper that was in one of those Costco stacks (why the heck did I buy that thing?).

This one holds one tea bag. I should have stamped the inside and it would be cuter with a piece of ribbon as well as another layer of card stock to mat the stamped image on the front - but I just wanted to get the idea. Wouldn't this be super cute as a wedding favor?

This next one holds 4 tea bags. The pattern was just for 2 tea bags but I changed it up for fun. This one is super cute. It too could have used a layer of cardstock under the stamped image on the front - but oh well.

Friday 1 June 2007

Meet Winobella!

How I wish this was me right now! May I introduce winobella? Isn't she pretty? I feel like Gollum on Lord of the Rings...come here my pretty.... But I digress. You'll meet her sisters very soon! I watercoloured her using my ink pads and blender pen.


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