Saturday 6 March 2010

Copic Labeling and Storage

I'm almost finished my latest organizational project, and thought I'd share it here. You never know - it might help someone. It's no secret that I love my copic markers! I started out collecting the Ciaos, mainly due to price, but I also like that I can store the cap on the unused end while I'm colouring. The main thing that I find frustrating, is that they don't have the colour code written on their end like the Sketch markers do.

I heard over on Splitcoast about how to label them and decided to give it a try. Here's what I use - my label maker and 1/4" circle punch. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

I change the type on my label maker to a "small" type and a "1/2" width. I print some codes, leaving 5 spaces between each code.
I punch the label tape with my 1/4" circle punch.
Just a warning that this doesn't always come out perfect. I use coated label tape and the punch doesn't like the "plasticky" feel of it. If you look at my picture I get some deformed circles. All that matters to me is that it's legible and that the labels stick really well!
Hey - check out my new copic storage! It's super cute - orange on the outside and hot pink on the inside. It has 5 compartments and it cost me $14 (Love me a deal! If you're Canadian and interested - I got it at Fabricland!).

I divide my copics like this:
Middle: Cool Greys, Warm Greys and Blenders
Reds, Red Violets and Yellow Reds
Greens, Yellow Greens, and Yellows
Blues, Blue Greens, Blue Violets, and Violets

I still have room for growth, which is a must. It does take up some room on my desk, but it works for me since I have a big desk. I don't really go anywhere that I'd need to take my markers, but I could. I did need something that was a little portable since I often bring my stuff up from the basement to the family room to colour.
Anyway, hope that helps someone! Have a great rest of the weekend!

P.S. Oops - I forgot to mention - I won the MFT guest designer contest with this card. I get to be a guest designer for the April release! Woo hoo!


Cindy Haffner said...

Kerry what a GREAT idea!!

Jodi C. said...

THANKS for the info!!! I would love to have my Caio markers labeled on the end!!! TFS!!!

Tara Godfrey said...

Oh Great idea, Kerry! I may have to give this a try...thanks for sharing!


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