Monday 23 June 2008

School Thank Yous

It's that time of year! My son has school tomorrow and then a half day on Thursday and he's done! Teacher gifts have been easy this year and last year, I collected from a group of parents and we got the teacher a spa gift certificate. But then there's the lunchroom supervisor, resource teacher, and crossing guard. A good friend and I went together on gifts for them, so we could do a little more. We were visiting our local farm and bought each a set of Strawberry jam and Strawberry jam scone mix. Then I dressed it up a little using Papertrey's Green Thumb set. I stamped a matching bag, made a quick card and a topper for the jam. I think they turned out super cute and they were VERY economical.
Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for looking!


UrgentCookie said...

These are so cute! They look so delicious. :0)

Unknown said...

Those are simply adorable!

Lauren said...

Great gifts! I'm sure they'll be appreciated.

Rhonda Kelly said...

Very sweet! Those are very cute and I love the background on the card. Fabulous job.
Been away for a while and I just got back to my blog so I thought I would pay some visits to the SBS Sisters!

Rhonda Kelly said...

You've been tagged, check it out here.


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