Friday 9 November 2007


Here's a card I made using some of the Michaels $1 ($1.50 for us Canadians) stamps that I bought. I didn't have any religious stamps so snatched these two up. Can you see the 2nd one? It's hiding amongst the holly in the lower left hand corner - it's embossed in gold. I wish it showed up more and I don't know what the right hand corner needs. I tried different patterned papers and stamped options and they just didn't look right. Perhaps I should have just used the patterned paper the whole way across instead. Thanks for looking!


sophia landry said...

This turned out lovely, those michael stamps are great!

UrgentCookie said...

I think that it looks wonderful. I didn't notice the gold embossing until you mentioned it. Looks good though!

Wendy said...

How about a small holly leaf in the right hand corner. It would tie in the patterned paper.
Love ya.


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