Saturday 11 August 2007

Flip Flop Challenge Card

I made this for SCS's Limited Supply Challenge. You had to create a card that said summer to you. To me, summer is not summer without flip flops. I think I'd wear them all year round if I didn't live in Canada. I stamped the sentiment directly onto the ribbon because I didn't want to cover the ribbon up (it's too pretty!). And I sewed around the edges!! I'm quickly becoming a sewing addict - it's such a pretty addition to a card!

Oh and by the way - have you seen the new croc flip flops? I've never been a fan of the original croc flip flops, but I think these ones are to die for (and they are super comfy too!)!

1 comment:

Autumn Creek Photography said...

Hey Kerry - where have you seen those croc flip flops? I'm trying to find some for my mom. I think the regular crocs might trip her up, lol.


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