Thursday 16 August 2007


So they say bad things happen in threes, but these days good things are happening in threes for me. Yesterday I got a call from my friend's sister's boss (keeping up still? lol) who is interested in commissioning some thank you cards for her business. She runs a home party business where they sell handbags and jewelry - it looks really cool! She also is looking for some boxed assorted cards to sell. I had called her a couple weeks ago but hadn't heard back and so had basically written it off. Well she called yesterday and now I need to drop off some samples for her to look at! How exciting! I also won blog candy!! I was the lucky winner of Kirsten's naptime nuggets. Kirsten has an amazing blog and it provides me with tons of inspiration - how lucky am I? And then this morning I found out that Sydney (my daughter) and I got into the program we wanted at the Early Years centre. These are free programs and are in high demand. The one for her age is only offered at one of the 4 centres and they do registration by a lottery.

I will likely be a bit absent for the next couple of days. We're painting the kitchen cabinets this weekend so I won't get a chance to make many cards. I will be trying to plan some out for the samples I need to drop off though! Hopefully I'll be back soon with some pics of our beautifully re-done kitchen!

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