Tuesday 29 January 2008

Who knew?

That a 5 year old could get croup? Certainly not me!! I thought only babies got croup, but apparently kids up to the age of 6, and sometimes as old as 10 can as well. So I have my son home from school today. Which totally annihilated my plans for today - I was actually supposed to attend a meeting for the contract work I do, and I had to cancel. Not sure if I'll have a chance to stamp today, so I thought I'd share some pics of my workspace and some organizational projects I've been working on lately.

These are some pics of my space that I took way back in November. It was messy, disorganized and thrown together. I stamp in our unfinished basement. We do have carpet down there, and the washer and dryer, some exercise equipment, as well as my kids playroom.

I had a good friend over one day and she suggested moving my main desk so that I was looking out into the play area, rather than with my back to it. Can you say duh? Why didn't I think of that - thank goodness I have brilliant friends! I also added another table (a Coleman camping table - hee hee!) just for more surface area and storage.

See the space heater on the floor in the lower right hand quadrant? My hubby brought that home for me one day - without me asking - what a sweetie!

I made this ink pad holder the other day out of 2 sheets of foam core board. Cost me all of $3 plus hot glue that I already had. It was pretty easy and it's pretty sturdy. The original design called for 5 equal columns, but since I don't own that many SU ink pads, I decided to modify it for my own needs. I got the pattern off of this blog. I plan to make another for my ribbon spools, just like this one - maybe today even!

Lastly, I made these two little baskets. I have been wanting something to put my cards in out in my front entrance - I often have friends who want to "shop" for cards while they're here and I didn't have anything pretty to put them in. I got this pattern off of Sharon Johnson's blog and modified it so it would be a little bigger for my landscape cards as well. I ended up making two boxes out of this gorgeous Amy Butler paper and they were super easy!

Anyway, sorry for the really long winded post. Hope that maybe something is helpful to you!


Michelle said...

Oh Kerry, I hope your son feels better soon. And croup, my son was 12 when he got it. Scared the devil out of me, that awful gasping. You poor, poor mama.

Love your basket. I need to find some time to work with paper.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the croup, that can't be much fun!

Thanks for sharing your space--call me nosey, but I love to look at others' spaces!

Soguesswhat11 said...

wow, that is so funny about moving the table, I wouldn't have thought of that either - duh! LOL Your stuff is adorable, and as a fellow cold-basement stamper, I'm impressed at the joy you can create in the hole you stamp in! Great job!!

Stephanie aka Nerdette said...

Kerry I hope your little guy is on the mend soon.

Love the basement fix up. Hey, looks like there is space for two to stamp *wink*.

Marilyn said...

wow Kerry - your room looks great! I love what you've done with your room - great idea to use the camping table!! Also love the baskets!! What a great idea - I need to do that with all my extra cards!!

UrgentCookie said...

Great work on your organizing. I am working on getting my place more functional. :0)

Stampin' Meg said...

Kerry-I sure hope that your lil guy is better soon. Your pix of your cleaned up stampy space are inspiring me(I am actaully taking a coffee break from cleaning my stamp cave right now!)

Unknown said...

I've been so busy that I am WAY behind on reading my favorite blogs! So I'm trying to do a little catching up tonight!

I LOVE your baskets, and your stamp pad holder is pure genius!

Like so many others, I enjoy looking at others stamping space for ideas. Thanks so much for sharing yours!

Hope your little boy is feeling better soon.

Stacey Greenawalt said...

FAH-ba-lous job on the inkpad holder! It looks great! It IS pure genius if I do say so myself! *wink*
Thanks for the link!


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